DBA Services




Robust database administration by proven and highly reliable experts

Generix Limited has the best DBAs with diverse knowledge on oracle technologies, which is being shared by our DBA group. This makes the shared experience a great benefit to clients. This experience helps in decision making during performing critical tasks e.g. when clustering etc., when to implement data guard, which hardware specifications will be best suited for this environment and which configuration should be used in the environment . Generix have extensively worked with different companies on performance tuning, data modeling, up gradations and data warehousing and we know which solutions are best suited for them.

Generix provides the following nature of services:

Extension to Client Staff: Generix team will be set up as team extension of client staff

Scheduled Maintenance Activities: Generix performs scheduled as well as proactive preventive maintenance jobs, which not only help with resources the issues proactively as well as minimizing the downtime. Including this Generix performs backup & restore, import & export, database maintenance, patching and upgrades.

Script Promotions: The team works closely the development team on resolving different issue, including performance tuning of different SQL statements, script promotions etc.

Weekend Support: The team provide weekend to support to the client personals, available on-call.

Additional on-Demand Capacity: The team can engage additional resources at a very short notice and get them trained and up to the speed with the environment pretty quickly.

Supported Platforms:


Oracle Real Application Clusters

Oracle Data Guard Architecture

Non-Oracle failover Technologies

Oracle Applications

Oracle Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Oracle Advanced Security Options

Microsoft SQL SERVER

High availability options

Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Analysis and Reporting Services

Performance Monitoring and Optimization