Program Management

We help our customers in coordination and prioritization of the economic resources they use in their production processes.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Production Planning & Projections
  • Prioritization, Organization and Direction
  • Technical Evaluations and Feasibilities
  • General Analysis & Planning
  • Analytics & Reporting

PMO (Project Management Office)

Insight into ongoing operations, Departmental silos , Alignment with enterprise strategy and priorities , Effective technology and infrastructure etc. Here are some highly effective services being offered by us to strengthen PMO.

  • Prioritization, Organization , Scoring and Adjustment of Projects
  • HR Management & Capacity Building
  • Customer Negotiations (Internal & External)
  • Process & Framework Implementation (e.g. Agile, ITIL, ISO and CMMI etc.)
  • Analytics & Reporting


Project Management

Our exclusive Project Management Services cover entire SDLC from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & control to closure.

  • Project Management Methodologies & Standards (PMI, CMMI, & Agile)
  • Best Practices, Analytics & Reporting

Product Management

To create valuability, usability and feasibility of a product, its vital to implement an excellent Product Management process. Product Management is all about to develop customer Delight through product and its features.

  • Product Development, Versioning, Regionalization, Standardization, Harmonization
  • Increasing Selling Features, Future Expansions, WOW Factors, Word of Mouth (Business Users Voice)

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Software Quality Engineering/CMMI/ISO

Our SQE Services ensure that software companies and their users are fully complied with certain standards of Software Quality Engineering and having all the required Processes in place to support their ultimate deliverables.

  • Processes Definition, Documentation, Training and Reviews
  • Certifications & Audits (ISO, CMMI)