Smart Micro Credit Business Suite will keep all the records of applicant, groups, loan details, approvals, employee task, accounting vouchers, employee attendance and payroll records etc. The handling and maintenance of all the data will be user friendly and easily understandable. Some of main advantages for Smart Micro Credit Business Suite are following


  • Centralized Application
  • Globally Accessibility
  • Ready Analysis on day to day bases
  • Global Tracking of Clients between Branches
  • Centralized Technical Support as well as End User Support
  • No Installation & Other IT Procedures Required

Smart Micro Credit – a Distinction of Generix:

Smart Micro Credit Business Suite is a distinguished achievement of Generix. Following are the points which make “Smart Micro Credit Business Suite” different and more reliable than any other solution:


  • Collaboration with PPAF
  • 4+ Years of Working Experience in field of Micro Credit
  • Implemented MIS/FIS at more then 25 Organization all over the Pakistan
  • Introduce Product line – Smart Micro Credit Business Suite
  • Experienced & Specialized Technical Professional in field of Micro Credit
  • Exposure of Analysis, Training & Implementation
  • Continues Working on New Modules & Reporting

Requested system will work as web based coordination, monitoring, and evaluation system having various modules for Applicant profile, Approval, Recovery, Employee Attendance and Administration side. Financial, HR and Payroll system will work on client / server architecture at Head office only. Web based system will integrate with financial system at the time of approval of loan for cheque generation as well as recovery system for receipts of payment.


  • Web based Loaning System – MIS
  • Complete Financial Suite – FIS
  • HR, Payroll & Attendance System
  • Web & Client /Server Based Environment
  • Integrated Solutions
  • System running on all the branches live over internet connected with Head office
  • Highly User Friendly
  • Multi Branch System
  • Flexible System – Users can Customize the features of the system as per Management Requirements


Loaning Module (MIS)

The objective is to provide a user friendly mechanism for handle all the credit department requirements. Define two levels of approval procedure of each credit transaction. User can create new profile of each applicant with all the details. System will developed in web based architecture and rum through internet in all the offices and branches.


Applicant Profile Module



  • Create Applicant Profile and Submit for Loan Approval.
  • Unique Client Database, Old, New NIC, Personnel  & Business Information
  • Group Code and Group Information
  • Product selection and history
  • Loan Installment Plan and details



Definition of Branches and Business (Up to 3 branches)



  • Define of basic structure (Area, Branch, District, Village, Business Type, Loan Donors, Loan Phases, Education & Institution)
  • Business  and Sector Definition and details


Product Definition Module



  • Product Definition Module
  • Product amounts ranges, Interest Ratio, Monthly Installment, Risk Coverage, Loaning Period, Min Max Loan Amount


Individual Loaning OR Group Loaning



  • Min Max Groups Members
  • Sub Grouping like Center and Groups


Approval Module



  • Defining of Rules and Rights for each level
  • Internal Head Office Approval
  • External Consultant Approval


Disbursement Module



  • LDF  Generation
  • Group Disbursement & Single Client Disbursement
  • Disbursement Postings, Un Posting
  • LDF Client Rejection at the time of Disbursement


Recovery Module



  • Applicant Loan Receiving system
  • Individual & Group Recovery
  • Simple Two Clicks Recovery Solution
  • Loan Installment Plan and History


Other Module



  • Death Case Handling
  • Portfolio Transfer system
  • Backups & Management Tools


Write-off Module



  • Write-off of interest or Actual Amount
  • Reschedule of Loan Amount with new dates


Reporting Module



  • Up to 35 Reports
  • Covering Client, CO, Branch, Area, Management Analysis
  • 5 New or Customized Reports





Interlinking with Financial System




Financial Accounting Module

This is the backbone of the whole system. All the entries made will update the accounts automatically. The main features will include the following:


  • Chart of Accounts (4 level).
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • Financial Year Selection & Closing.
  • Periods wise Analysis.
  • Branch wise voucher entries & Tracking
  • Product/Project wise voucher entries & Tracking
  • Donor & Phases wise voucher entries & Tracking
  • Sub Ledger Analysis & budgeting.
  • Type & Monthly Voucher Entries.
  • Journal Voucher & General Ledger.
  • Trial Balance & Audit Trail.
  • General Journal & Day Books.
  • General Ledger.
  • Expense Analysis & Banks Reports.
  • Budgets estimation period wise and Comparisons.



  • Profit and Loss / Income & Expenditure Accounts
  • Balance Sheet
  • Accounts level wise Extensive Reports.
  • Year Closing Module (Automatically & Manually)
  • 15-20 Total Reports

Cash/Bank Module



This module records all the cash and bank transactions. The following are some main features:


  • Cash/Bank Payments.
  • Supplier Payments.
  • Cash/Bank Receipts.
  • Loan Receipts.


  • Inter-bank or inter account transfers.
  • Cash / Bank Accounts detailed activity.
  • Customer Receipts Slips.
  • Supplier payment slips.


Web based Financial System



  • Web based Unit, Area wise Accounting system
  • Make Chart of Account on bases of Head office System
  • Payment and Receipt Voucher
  • Unique Voucher Numbering
  • 3-5 Reports required for branch level.


User Module



Users can be defined with variable authorities, unique log-ins and password. Users can be restricted in terms of access to reports and record entries. All the transactions can be tracked user wise.

  • User Creation wizard.
  • Login Screen.
  • Change Password.


HRM & Payroll System

Employ Management:



Employee personal, official and salary details

  • Employee education, experience and reference details
  • Employee photograph and finger print scanning


Attendance Management:



  • Track time in and time out on bases of shift timings
  • Leave marking according to leave type
  • Tracking of late coming, early going and half absent
  • Daily, weekly, monthly man hours calculations
  • Holidays tracking and easy marking
  • Attendance system integration with barcode , finger print scanner and camera


Leave Management:



  • Types of leaves definition
  • Leave days definitions and carry forward details
  • Leave assignment by employee and departments


Allowance & Deduction:



  • Define allowance type i.e house, rent & utilities.
  • Define allowance type i.e Tax
  • Define allowance & deduction amount by employee.


Advance Management:



  • Employee advance payment and deduction in upcoming salary.
  • Employee loan definition and installment plan against salary.


Payroll & Salary Module:



  • Define salary structure, salary heads, salary formula, tax and other settings
  • Auto advance and loan installment deduction
  • Just one click to salary sheet and salary slip
  • Post and un-post salary
  • Integration with SBS financial module
  • Auto posting of salary, advance, and deduction details in financial module.


Training Module:



  • Definition of Training Courses.
  • Allocate each training to particular employee date wise
  • 2 reports to view old training history


Special Features:



  • Flexible Business logic according to different organization behavior
  • Powerful reporting capabilities with export to MS Excel, MS word and emailing features
  • User Security, Backup and Restore Modules
  • Automated operations help HR Manager to monitor and track employee’s
  • attendance and salaries
  • Automated salary processing allows user to create salary statements and vouchers
  • Customizable rules and policies for Overtimes, Holidays and Attendance.


General Settings:



Smart HR and Payroll is easy to use, windows based, work in client / server environment and simple modular based software. Some of the features are following:


  • Department and shift definitions
  • Shifts on two half bases and timings
  • Designation definitions
  • Attendance polices definitions
  • Overtime polices definitions

  • Collaboration with PPAF
  • 4+ Years of Working Experience in field of Micro Credit
  • Implemented MIS/FIS at more then 21 Organization all over the Pakistan
  • Introduce Product line – Smart Micro Credit Business Suite
  • Experienced & Specialized Technical Professional in field of Micro Credit
  • Exposure of Analysis, Training & Implementation
  • Continues Working on New Modules & Reporting